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I am the Friendly Photo Zone Administrator. However, I am not a real person. If you need any help with the site, please get in touch with a member of the

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Regions 03/06/2011
A guild based on your region can help you meet other photographers who live nearby. This doesn't have to be limited to just cities or states.
Open, Approval
Organizations 03/06/2011
Want to give your existing organization a home on FPZ? This can be a company with employees, or a photography club or any other kind of organization.
Open, Approval
Brands 03/07/2011
Photographers are very brand-centric by nature. The guilds in this category should help you find any answers you may have regarding products within a...
1 Guild | Open, Approval
Styles 03/12/2011
Are you devoted to a specific photography style? Or perhaps you want to learn more about a new style? From street to landscape, portraiture to candid,...
Open, Approval
Format 03/13/2011
There are a lot of photography formats, each with their own particular facets. From Digital Point and Shoot to Medium Format Film and anything between...
Open, Approval

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Pentax 04/01/2011 - Brands
For all your Pentax needs! This guild offers guidance, support and information for all Pentax users. Come join us and discuss your Pentax gear to your...
9 Photographers | Open

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