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TW3 88: Friendly Photon's Stargazing Is The Winner

Friendly Photon's submission, Stargazing, has been selected as this week's TW3 top pick by Leighgion. Congratulations!


Some Minor Updates

We've been doing some minor updates to the software that runs FPZ today, and some things in the forum might look a little quirky until we've got the update complete. Please don't worry if you see any weird graphical glitches, the site is not falling apart from old age :D
update: most of the glitches should be resolved by now

TW 3.87: Leighgion's Amateur Sprint is the Winner!

Leighgion's submission, Amateur Sprint, has been selected as this week's TW3 top pick by Pablo. Congratulations!


The FPZ Nice Normal/Fantastic 50ish Shootout!

DamnRedneck's at it again, putting together another shootout for fellow FPZ members. This time we're concentrating on the "normal" focal length range, and the winner gets a prize donated by DamnRedneck. All FPZ members are invited and encouraged to get their friends to join in the fun! Entries must be taken between June 1st and 30th and submitted by June 30th, 2012. More information on contest details can be found in this forum post.

FPZ Post Processing Shootout Results!

The results are in, and a clear winner has been determined for each category. With a solid voting turnout, here are the winners of the FPZ Post Processing Shootout.
Sponsored by EasyCanvasPrints.com!


TW 3.86: Pablo's The Slimming Mirror is the Winner!

Pablo's submission, The Slimming Mirror, has been selected as this week's TW3 top pick by sprucehill. Congratulations!


TW 3.85: sprucehill's G'Morning is the Winner!

sprucehill's submission, G'Morning, has been selected as this week's TW3 top pick by mikeSF. Congratulations!


FPZ Post Processing Shootout Voting

It's time to vote on your favourites! Be sure and submit your votes for the FPZ Post Processing Shootout.


Post Processing Shootout - Phase 3

Phase 3 of FPZ's Post Processing Shootout is underway in this forum topic. All participants should add their submission to this thread for inclusion in the voting process.

TW3 84: mikeSF's Moon Over My Money is the Winner!

mikeSF's submission, Moon Over My Money, has been selected as this week's TW3 top pick by J.Scott. Congratulations!