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Sony looks to change the world of DSLRs

"'We really can change the world' says Masashi 'Tiger' Imamura, President of Personal Imaging & Sound Business Group in an exclusive interview with The company will try to bring together all its technologies to produce a worthy successor to the A700, he told us in a talk that also touched on the future expansion of the NEX system and the company's position on 'full frame' models."


Photographing Lighthouses

Few structures have the universal appeal and fascination of lighthouses. They are superbly romantic constructions: beacons of hope on a wild night, symbols of human ingenuity and perseverance in the face of the unforgiving seas. The more remote and inhospitable the location, the more interest they generate. On top of all that, they make excellent photographic subjects. This relies on the marriage of two factors: an emotionally engaging subject and a prominent visual that lends coherence and focus to a dramatic scene. This article will give you some tips on how to make your own compelling lighthouse photographs and help you develop your own unique style.


The Business Secrets of Successful Boudoir Photographers

How does the boudoir photography business work, and what does it take to succeed in that segment of the photo industry? I've always been curious about the business side of boudoir photography - marketing, sales, presentations, portfolio preparation and display, pricing - and how did these tactics differ from the tactics used in other areas of the professional photography world?


How to Photograph Football

Combining peak action, great emotion and a sense of ritual and ceremony, football is not only a visual feast for the eyes, but also your camera. There's a reason why up to 100,000 fans pack stadiums every weekend, planning days, weekends and even annual vacations around games. The basics of all sports photography- great action, good light and clean backgrounds all apply - both Brad Mangin and Darren Carroll mention these "must-haves" in their articles about baseball and golf, respectively.


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