How to Photograph a Smoking Lightbulb

Try out these neat photo experiment and see what kind of creative photos you can produce. There's definitely a trick to this, so watch the video and then give it a try.

Miki Ross writes:

Here’s your cool photo exercise for the day: A smoking light bulb. It’s an awesome experiment for not only the photographer, but also the electrician, the carpenter, and even the physicist in us. Light bulbs work because their inside is a vacuum – it contains no oxygen, which keeps the fragile filament from bursting into flame (instead, it only glows brightly with its own heat energy). If the seal of the vacuum is broken, though, that is exactly what it does – the tungsten wire succumbs to the electrical charge being pumped through it, producing smoke and eventually igniting – with some very beautiful results. In this video, photographer Craig Colvin walks us through his technique of creating and capturing this phenomenon:

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