How to Get Your Photo Skills Hired by a Sports Arena

If you're interested in branching into commercial sports photography, then you need to watch this video. Sports photographer Kevin Winzler takes you behind-the-scenes of a photography shoot for the University of Utah. Watch as Mr. Winzler creates outstanding photos beyond his client's imagination.

Nicoal Price writes:

Commercial photographer Kevin Winzeler is an expert at creating images of athletes that invoke these epic feelings. He recently took on a photo shoot for the University of Utah. He was asked to capture the essence of Utah Football on a grand scale–the images from the shoot were to appear in glass etchings and 20-foot-tall wall displays at the school’s new Hall of Fame facility. His clients wanted the images and resulting brand to be infused with the energy needed to compete on a national level as the team made its debut in the PAC-12 Conference. Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to impress commercial clients in the field of athletics:

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