6 Tips to Become a More Sensitive Newborn Photographer

If part of your photography career is photographing newborns then you may already be familiar with these tips, but just in case it's worth reading over this great article to get a better understanding of the care you must take with newborns. They can be an amazing subject to photograph, but if you're not careful, the photo shoot could be very frustrating.

Annie Tao writes:

There are many ways you can photograph newborns, but one thing is for certain: it takes a certain amount of finesse to photograph these tiny little creatures that is beyond an ability to operate a camera and knowledge of photography. If you’ve had a baby, then you probably know what I am talking about. Newborns are especially fragile with soft bones and unfused plates in their skull, so moving them around should be done carefully. In fact, I will ask the parents to handle the baby during my Newborn shoots, if I want the baby to be in a different place or position.

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