How to Photograph Strangers: The 100 Strangers Project

The 100 strangers project, if you choose to undertake this mission, requires you to photograph 100 people you've never met before. It's mostly a street photography exercise, but that doesn't mean you can't pose your new friends and create relationships with these strangers. Read over this project and if you truly want to improve your street photography, give it a try.

Matt John Robinson writes:

Taking the portrait of a person whom you’ve just met moments before is one of the most exciting—and in the beginning, unnerving—experiences you can have as a photographer. It’s also one of the most rewarding. The 100 Strangers Project sounded simple enough: gather 100 portraits of complete strangers after getting their consent. For my mostly introverted self, this meant more precisely: interact with 100 human beings I would otherwise never interact with…AND take their photograph.

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