Gallery Coming Soon!

FPZ is all about photography, so it only makes sense that we should have some way for photographers to manage the pictures they share with our community. It would also be beneficial to feature those photographers' pictures which deserve recognition. To accomplish this, we'll be bringing you the FPZ Member Gallery.

The Member Gallery will provide members an allocated amount of space to store, organize and share pictures with other FPZ members. All of your stored pictures will be available from anywhere on FPZ at the click of a link. You'll be able to insert them in your forum posts or blog entries without having to deal with cumbersome URL addresses or crazy file names.

Pictures in your gallery will be organized in many ways:

  • First, you'll be able to organize your pictures by album. Simply create an album, name it whatever you like, and start adding pictures to it.
  • Each picture can also be assigned a category from a pre-defined list. Any pictures assigned to a category will be displayed to viewers when they visit that category, regardless of which album you stored it in. This way, any member can easily contribute to our community gallery without having to upload the same picture multiple times.
  • In addition, each picture can be assigned tags, so they show up in search results when members and guests search for those keywords.

Other members will be able to rate your pictures or leave comments (if you decide to let them). This is a great way to get valuable feedback. The highest-rated pictures will be featured on the FPZ Front Page, and other places throughout the site.

There are other features planned to make the FPZ Member Gallery useful and simple. We'll be updating this page as new information becomes available, stay tuned!