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TOPIC: Possibly my second Zeiss Optical item?

Possibly my second Zeiss Optical item? 7 years 9 months ago #1

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Although I saw these binoculars 2 weeks ago at a local flea market I didn't pay any attention to them until yesterday.

The price tag on them was $10.00. I honestly only had around $8.60 on me at the time and he accepted it.

Afterwords I did a Google search on them, and didn't really find all that much accept they appear to be vintage German.
The reason why I'm kinda thinking they may be made by Zeiss is because of the eyepiece, which is like none I've ever seen before.

If you google up Vintage Zeiss Binoculars you'll find several like it.

Here's a couple of more pic's.

Another thing that I found rather interesting is the front lenses. They're closer together than I've ever seen on any binoculars.

Just so that you know, they not only work as good as you can expect a vintage pair of binoculars to work, they're also the sharpest set I ever recall having looked through.
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Re: Possibly my second Zeiss Optical item? 7 years 9 months ago #2

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They look to be in very good condition, especially for less than $10. :o

It is very peculiar how the front lenses are so close to each other. Tiffany is our resident expert on optics, maybe she can shed some light as to what that actually means. I think it would mean that they produce a very narrow field of view; but I could be wrong.

Don't you think if Zeiss made them they would proudly have their name on the piece?
If you're basing it on the eyecup design alone it may lead you astray.
To the best of my knowledge Zeiss made the optics. Perhaps the non-optical pieces were manufactured by another company and simply sold to Zeiss.

'Favorita' has a distinctively Italian sound to it. That bit of indistinct knowledge comes from personal experience of living in an Italian community for a number of years. (So it really has no credibility!)

I see it says 8X. That is obviously the magnification. It is usually followed by another number which is the objective diameter. Do you see that other number anywhere? The larger the objective diameter the brighter things appear.
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