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Exploring Different Mediums: A Review Of

When it comes to showing off your photography, there are many mediums available. For my wife's birthday recently, I gave her a canvas print of a portrait that she took a few months ago. Ever since, I've been curious to see what some of my own pictures would look like printed on canvas. So when someone from Easy Canvas Prints offered me a deal on a canvas print for my own work, I leaped at the opportunity.


FPZ Post Processing Shootout Voting

It's time to vote on your favourites! Be sure and submit your votes for the FPZ Post Processing Shootout.


Shooting the Moon

One of the most dramatic night-time photographs you can take is a great moon shot. It's surprisingly difficult since the moon is constantly moving and you can't use those long exposures that many night photographers enjoy. FPZ member blackcloudbrew shares a few tips on how to prepare for your moon shot and how you should set up your camera, along with a few samples. Also, for the tech-inclined, the discussion mentions a few smartphone apps that just might help you out on your next shoot.

FPZ Nice Normal/Fantastic 50ish Lens Shootout Voting!

It's time to vote on your favourites! Be sure and submit your votes for the FPZ Nice Normal/Fantastic 50ish Lens Shootout.


Watermarking Pictures

Ever wondered how to add a watermark to your pictures? Kelowna Artist has posted instructions to help you do just that.


The New Friendly Photo Zone

It's here! It's here! All these months of waiting, and it's finally here! The new FPZ is LIVE, and better than ever. A lot of people have worked hard to bring you this new edition of Friendly Photo Zone, and the fruits of their labour is here at last for your viewing pleasure.


Exploring My New Lens

Many people who purchase a DSLR never go beyond the kit lens that comes with their new camera. The normal, basic zoom that comes bundled in the box is more than sufficient for them, and they don't see a need to spend more money on a separate lens. For those people, the whole point of an interchangeable lens system is lost. Since my new camera allows me to change lenses, I wanted to take full advantage of this feature and explore what different lenses have to offer. With this in mind, here are my thoughts on my first new lens acquisition (after the 18-55mm kit lens), the Pentax DA 35mm F2.4.


A Vision of China, courtesy of Leighgion

FPZ member Leighgion is currently attending school in Beijing, China. Thanks to his foresight and dedication, he also brought a bunch of photography gear with him. So we get treated to his unique view of China.


How FPZ Helped Make Me A Better Photographer (A Photographic Year in Review)

Over the past year, my husband's renewed interest in photography has also made me examine my own photography "skills" and try to improve them. I would like to become a photographer rather than a "holiday snapper". Although I was a member of a photography club in high school, and someone who tended to always have a camera on holiday, I didn't really understand what made a good photograph. What follows is my year-long endeavour to evolve from snapshooter to photographer.


Star Shooter

Star Shooter implements culturally adaptive and client-centered workshops to children aged 8-18. The mission is to equip children with a tool for expression using photography and allow them the opportunity to discover the “star” within themselves. Workshops can be conducted with an individual or in a group setting. The child will learn digital photography techniques using a camera, mac computers and adobe photoshop software. A culminating project will be assigned for the child upon completion of a class.

FPZ is proud to bring attention and awareness to this great cause, and encourage all our members to help in any way they can.


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