About FPZ Guilds

More than just the simple user groups offered elsewhere, the FPZ Guilds allow members to create organizations with specific goals or interests within our community. Is there a specific brand you're interested in discussing? Perhaps you have an older Alpa camera and would like help learning how to make best use of it? Then join the Alpa Guild! Alpa Guild doesn't exist? Then create it!

You can find the FPZ Guilds in the Community section of the site, or by clicking the "My Guilds" link in the very top-right of every page. Additionally, the newest guilds are featured on the FPZ home page. To join a guild, go to the Community section of the site and click on the Guilds menu item. Browse through the categories and find a guild that interests you. You can then click the Join link to join that guild. Here are some highlights of what guilds have to offer:

  • Event Scheduler: This can be very useful for photography clubs or other social groups. The event scheduler allows a guild member to schedule an event, including all details about the event. Other guild members can then confirm their attendance to this event (Yes/No/Maybe) so everyone knows who will be present.
  • Private Forum Area: Each guild gets its own private area in the FPZ forum where guild members can participate in discussions. Only guild members can post in this area, and the guild owner can decide whether this area is publicly viewable or not.
  • Photo Sharing: Want to share photos only with other guild members? The photo sharing area is the perfect place to do that.
  • File Sharing: An area where guild members can share files with ther guild members. Could be an old firmware version for a particular camera that isn't easy to find online anymore, or a zip file with some Photoshop macros that a guild member has developed, among other things.
  • Guild Wall: Similar to a group wall on Facebook, members can post quick and simple messages to the guild in this area. Messages can be commented on or replied to. A great way to iron out details of a proposed event, or just have a quick group chat without using the forum.

A complete description of how to create and manage your own guild can be found in this Help article.